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DyktioSysIT offers comprehensive IT services tailored to meet the diverse business needs of today’s complex computing environment. With experience spanning over 30 years in IT, with a team of tech experts and a balance of industry-standard solutions and innovation, we deliver an unparalleled standard in managed IT services, network infrastructure,  physical and virtual/cloud computing, perimeter and cyber security, IT Audit, DR and more.  Our client-centric approach ensures seamless integration and optimization of IT systems, enabling businesses to enhance productivity and stay ahead in the digital landscape. Whether you are a startup or an established enterprise, our agile and scalable services provide the ideal foundation for your success in the ever-evolving technological realm.

Services Highlights


IT Audit, Systems Evaluation, Consultations, IT Managed Services
in relation to:

  • Servers: Virtualization, Operating Systems, Resiliency, cloud options

  • Backup and Replication system and methodology, cloud options

  • EDR Security EndPoint system, upgrades/updates, management.

  • Physical and Logical Security (computer room, systems, and data, UPS)

  • Internet: Firewall appliance, access policy, VPN, ISP, Services, domain, monitoring

  • Network Backbone Switches, WiFi, and cabling infrastructure, VLAN security/routing

  • Workstations: Operating System / Hardware

  • Personnel roles, training and responsibilities

  • Licensing: Servers, Workstations, EDR Security, Firewalls, Backup, Utilities

  • Disaster Recovery Plan – Contingency Plan

  • IT Audit and Training, GDPR guide

  • Installation and Configuration 

  • Support , Maintenance and Monitoring

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