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DyktioSysIT is the local partner of MobileIron Inc. and thus the EMM concept is addressed both securely and coherently. 

• Mobile Device Management

• Mobile Application Management

• Mobile Content Management


• BES Replacement

• Mobile Security

• Android for Business

• Scalable App Delivery

• Multi-OS Management


MobileIron was founded on the belief that mobile is the future – it is not an add-on or a component of an existing infrastructure. We believe that Mobile IT will quickly become the primary means by which corporate applications are deployed and corporate information is accessed.


Selecting an enterprise mobility management vendor can be a daunting task. There are many vendors claiming to offer a complete solution for Mobile IT. Based on extensive input from our customers and partners, we believe the following framework removes the noise and focuses on what is essential when selecting a mobile infrastructure solution:

  • An experienced and focused vendor, that is purpose-built for Mobile IT

  • Comprehensive solution across mobile application management, content management, and device management

  • Partner ecosystem

  • Commitment to customer success


MobileIron can support your current mobile requirements and partner with you over the long term as you become a Mobile First enterprise.


The MobileIron Platform combines traditional mobile device management (MDM) capabilities with comprehensive security, mobile application management, and mobile content management capabilities.  An IT administrator can manage the lifecycle of the device and its applications, from registration to retirement, and rapidly accelerate operationalizing and scaling their Mobile IT infrastructure.




MobileIron IT Products


MobileIron Core

  • Security and Management engine that enables IT to set policies for mobile devices, applications and content.

  • Integrates with backend enterprise IT platforms such as Active Directory and can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.


MobileIron Sentry

  • In-line intelligent gateway that manages, encrypts, and secures the traffic between the mobile device and back-end enterprise systems.

  • Blocks access to corporate resources if a device falls out of compliance or is not authorized.


MobileIron Client

  • Software installed on mobile devices to enforce configuration and security policies set by the IT department.

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MobileIron End User Products



MobileIron’s enterprise app storefront lets the user download both in-house developed and third party business apps that have been approved by IT. The app storefront experience can also be customized by IT administrators to define which applications are assigned to a given user.



Gives the user a secure content container on the device as well as secure access to back-end data repositories such as SharePoint. Docs@Work also provides DLP for email attachments because it can decrypt documents delivered through Sentry. 



Secure browser that lets users access web content within the corporate intranet without requiring the user to go through complex procedures such as starting a device-wide VPN session. Web@Work also has data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities



Allows users to request IT help directly from their iOS devices. After the user grants IT access to the device, Help@Work mirrors the user’s screen onto the IT management console so that IT support personnel can better help the user resolve the issue.



MobileIron DataView offers mobile data usage monitoring capabilities, enabling IT departments to set data limits and then notify end users, via real-time alerts, so that they do not exceed their data plan limits, especially during roaming.


MobileIron Tunnel

Enables iOS 7-managed applications to access protected corporate data and content behind a firewall through a secure per-app VPN connection without requiring a device-wide traditional VPN solution. Tunnel uses MobileIron’s advanced security capabilities to continuously monitor device security before access is granted to protected enterprise resources

MobileIron AppConnect

We enable customers to derive additional value from apps created by application vendors or internally, using our SDKs or our AppConnect application wrappers to leverage our application security services. MobileIron AppConnect containerizes apps to protect data-at-rest without touching personal data. Once integrated, these applications become part of the secure container on the device managed by the MobileIron Client.


AppConnect EcoSystem

Our ecosystem includes applications developed by customers and third- parties using our AppConnect technology. Through our AppConnect ecosystem we actively engage application vendors and customers to further increase the number of applications integrated with our platform and offer a more comprehensive solution to our customers.

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